Gyurcsany’s media offensive

Hungarian ex-prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has launched a major media offensive this week.  The parliamentary faction of his new liberal-socialist party Demokratikus Koalíció hasn’t even been registered and yet he’s at it again: he visited the infamous Avas estate in Miskolc. The residents’ reactions were varied: he received some criticism, but also the kind of praise which led one to think that the residents weren’t aware of Gyurcsány’s secession from MSZP at all. What’s more he’s even moved in (along with a few fellow party members) for a day: he had a chat with the residents, listened to their rants about the cockroaches, bedbugs and even watched a live hockey coverage in the evening. Later on he said that the situation in the Avas is worse than it seems and he actually came as per an invitation from one of the residents to see the conditions they live in. News portal Hír24 even ran a video footage on this.


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