Péter Róna: Peace Walk saved Hungarian government from being toppled

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and “Western politicians supporting her” have considered the option of toppling the government of Hungary. This claim was made by self-described leftist economist Péter Róna in an interview for the radical leftist publication “168 Óra”. Róna previously said that he has insider sources in at least one of the embassies in Germany, and gets copies of reports sent home from there.

Róna also says that the January Peace March in support of the government has shown that the “removal” of Orbán would entail much more risks for Germany and the EU than if he was left in his place.

In an interview in 168 óra, a prestigious Oxford university professor and former leading international banker says he knows from an authentic source that Western leaders, led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, had a plan to remove PM Viktor Orbán early this year. Speculation about such a scheme flourished in the Hungarian press late last year, but this is the first time a public personality has claimed that the rumours had a solid footing.

Mr Péter Róna, a former CEO, who had an illustrious career in investment banking and at present, a professor at Oxford, tells 168 óra, the plan to topple Viktor Orbán was abandoned because of the January 21 Peace Walk. That surprisingly large demonstration in support of the Hungarian government and against foreign press attacks, was estimated between 200 000 – 400 000 participants. As a result, Mr Róna says, Foreign Minister János Martonyi brokered a deal with Germany, whereby they stop any toppling / coup attempts against the Hungarian government in exchange for more cooperation.

Magyar Hírlap concludes from Professor Róna’s comments that left-wing pundits and politicians have actually been seeking foreign assistance in order to remove the present government.

The full exchange in the Róna interview was the following:

Attila Buják (interviewer):

Attila Buják: …Since the Union is no longer led by Brussels but by Berlin, Merkel appoints and dismisses the prime ministers at the periphery.

Péter Róna: That’s correct, and the same is true for Hungary as well. Western leaders were  contemplating the decision, whether to let Orban remain in position or to dismiss him. This was seriously considered. Finally he got lucky. The main deciding factor was the relatively high internal support. The Peace Walk for Hungary*, really did save the government. 

*The January 21 pro-government march / rally in Budapest

Attila Buják: This means that Orbán will not get toppled from the outside.

Péter Róna: They will avoid it if possible. It would be too embarassing. And it still comes with less complications to leave him in power, than to turn to unpredictable solutions. This is the logic behind the Merkel-Orbán pact in the political sense. “You may stay if you stand in line”

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3 Responses to Péter Róna: Peace Walk saved Hungarian government from being toppled

  1. Feri says:

    I’m not surprised about this bit of news. The EU has a history of toppling democratically elected governments when something doesn’t go their way. Ex. Italy and Greece. The EU has to be the most undemocratic institution since the Soviet Union.

    • Actually Hitler was democratically elected too. And so was Jozef Tiso in Slovakia. And the Bolshevik dictatorship in Russia began after a democratically elected government has been toppled there too. And besides, the EU has shown MUCH more goodwill than the USSR ever (and the EU is STILL the best chance/option we got).

  2. Marianne Revah-Barta says:

    “Stand in line” is a poor translation. You mean “toe the line”

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