Election fraud at the leftist mock election: the case of László Pityinger (Dopeman)

The parliamentary opposition, of MSZP, Jobbik and LMP are not the only opposition in Hungary nowadays. Several leftist and liberal opposition groups were formed that are not even political parties. One of these groups, the so-called Milla or EMS decided to stage a mock election to elect an “alternative President”. First the rules were to be simple: the person who gets the most votes is elected president, and will speak at their rally on March 15. Then the rules started to change: first the deadline for voting was extended, after István Csaba Bartos, a down-on-his-luck philosopher, won the most votes. Then after he still had the most votes, a second round has been announced, now only between the “viable” candidates. But the leadership of the Milla group who organized the vote was not impressed: they looked down on István Bartos because he is homeless. Many have also suspected that they had their own preference even before announcing the idea last year. When István Bartos won in the second round as well, the rules were changed once again: now a final round must be organized!

Leftist democracy: even if you get less votes, you can still win if the rules change often enough

(István Cs. Bartos won with over 49% of the votes in the second round)

So what did the third election consist of, the one to ultimately decide the winner? A single round of “prisoner’s dilemma“, a high-school level basic example of game theory. The “candidates” had to decide whether they will cooperate or compete, and the organizers gave Pityinger the first choice. Long story short, after the self-styled “Nightmare of Hungary” (Dopeman) picked “compete”, it was over for Bartos before he could say anything. If he cooperates, Dopeman wins, if he competes, they both lose and the third candidate wins. So the rules have been rigged by the organizers to deny even a 1% chance to Bartos, the actual winner in terms of votes. The naive Bartos of course cooperated, thinking it was the spirit of the game and promptly lost before having any chance of winning.

So while the election was in progress, the rules were changing constantly only to sabotage the person most supporters of the “Milla” were voting for. In a blog post Milla admitted to the fraud and wrongdoing, but they refused to annul the result. Dopeman remains their spiritual leader and president.

Because rank and file supporters of Milla were the ones who voted for Bartos in large numbers, they were the ones most outraged by the turn of events. According to one of them: “and you dared to create a clip saying “I don’t like the system??” Fuck you, you are the exact same fucking cheating fraudster scum!!! („és még ti csináltok klipet is , hogy Nem tetszik a rendszer?? basszátokmeg ti is ugyanolyan mocskos csaló karvaly retkek vagytok!!!!”)

László Pityinger alias Dopeman, the self-proclaimed "Nightmare of Hungary"

László Pityinger (Dopeman) himself is extremely controversial because of his public statements and lyrics.  According to some, he is even a paedophile, because of lyrics such as:

“Szerinted gusztustalan, ha megbaszunk egy kiskorút,
de ha vérzik a ribanc, akkor baszni is tud”


“You think it disgusting, when I fuck a minor?
But if the bitch is bleeding, she can fuck as well”

being just an example. Other Dopeman lyrics talking about Dopeman viciously beating feminists if they talk back to him are also surprising, because the previous spokesman and main personalty of Milla just a few months ago was Dorottya Karsai (the girl who sang “I don’t like the system”), a feminist activist.

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