György Bolgár of Klubrádió on awarding radio frequencies

György Bolgár said the following on 2009, october 28, about ORTT’s decision to award frequencies to Neo FM and Class FM:

“The other thing is that the basis of the decision about who should operate the radio, who will be given the frequency, it is the question of competition. It cannot be argued that Danubius and Sláger, or their owners did so well that it is their property forever. No, the terms specify that they will receive it for a number of years and then there will be a tender, whoever offers the most amount of money and the best conditions, will be the winner.”

The Americans described the case as political corruption by the socialists, calling the tender “politically influenced”. They also put pressure on Bajnai to interfere with the tender on their behalf. Bajnai while willing to carry out these instructions, complained that he is unable to interfere due to ORTT being an independent body. Bajnai added that he is “unable to curb the abuses of the Socialist party“.

At the latest tender, Klubrádió itself was the one that failed to “offer the most amount of money and the best conditions”.  Even though Klubrádió had suffered a setback after the tender, they had a huge break recently. Klubrádió kft have been offered the frequency of Autórádió kft for 200 million forints. A relatively small sum considering that within a year Klubrádió raised 120 million forints from listener donations alone not counting ad revenue. That time Klubrádió didn’t have so many foreign and hugely influential supporters as they do now. This ensures that they can continue broadcasting regardless of any other circumstances, if they really want to. (not mentioning internet broadcasts, which they have done for years and can easily continue as well)

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