French paper claims Orban is Jewish

The french paper Les Echos printed the following quote in a recent article, saying it is from Orban:

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary

L’antisémitisme est antidémocratique et inacceptable. Je suis un Hongrois d’origine juive. Mais je n’ai pas de double identité. Mon identité est hongroise et je n’ai aucun problème avec le fait d’être juif. Je ne l’ai jamais nié et mon père me frapperait si je le faisais », affirme Viktor Orban.

This translates to English as:

“Anti-Semitism is undemocratic and unacceptable. I am a Hungarian of Jewish origin. But I do not have dual identities. My identity is Hungarian and I have no problem with being Jewish. I have never denied being one and my father would hit me if I did “ Said Viktor Orban.

And means the following in Hungarian.

„Az antiszemitizmus antidemokratikus és elfogadhatatlan. Zsidó származású magyar vagyok. De nincs kettős identitásom. Magyar az identitásom, és nincs problémám azzal, hogy zsidó vagyok. Soha nem tagadtam, és az apám megütött volna, ha így teszek”

Here is a screenshot of the original article in French:

Screenshot of Daniel Bastien's article

Some in the Hungarian press have already started to take note of this claim.

Update here is another, larger screenshot, taken not long ago of the french Newspaper, it clearly shows that they are talking about Orban.

Update2: Index, a major Hungarian news portal covers the story, they say that the French paper Les Echos wrote about Orban by mistake. They simply confused Viktor Orban with Tamás Deutsch, another Fidesz politician. According to Deutsch the paper admitted to him that they copy-pasted the information from some other source and mixed up the different quotes. They also promised to correct the mistake. (Which they have done since)

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2 Responses to French paper claims Orban is Jewish

  1. Mike says:

    It seems that almost nobody in the western press is researching the articles they are writing. They just do copy-paste of whatever crap is getting feeded to them.

  2. Tq Atallah says:

    “Racism is anti-democratic”. “anti-semitism” is a term which exists only in the mind of the racist.

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