Can you spot the difference?

Three pictures used to illustrate Kossuth Square, March 15, 2012. Can you spot the difference

The single picture used by the Economist to illustrate March 15 Kossuth Square, Budapest, Hungary

What the Economist readers are allowed to see from the March 15 Kossuth Square pro-government crowd

The the single picture used by the New York Times to illustrate March 15 Kossuth Square, Budapest, Hungary

What the NYT readers are allowed to see from the March 15 Kossuth Square pro-government crowd

A picture of March 15, 2012 Kossuth Square, Budapest, Hungary

What the Economist and New York Times readers are not allowed to see.

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6 Responses to Can you spot the difference?

  1. Neither the Economist nor the NYT photos were used to illustrate “March 15 Kossuth Square”. Both articles were about wider issues, although they did both mention that the pro-government demonstration was expected to have 100,000 attendees.

    I’m an Economist reader and I was allowed to see all three of the above photos! In fact, I challenge you to find a single Economist reader who was not allowed to see photos of the demonstration. The Economist article was written BEFORE the demonstration took place, so they couldn’t have illustrated it with a photo of the demonstration without calling Doctor Who and borrowing his TARDIS.

    Hey, just a thought, maybe Orbán is part of a Dalek/Cyberman plot to take over the world? Or he could be the latest regeneration of the Master.

  2. guest says:

    It is interesting that in no western newspaper shows the crowd that supported the Hungarian PM at the demonstration. Why?

    They were too many? Why is it that the Western media do not show what they dislike to their readers? This creates a propaganda that makes people stupid and uninformed, Scott Moore is such an example.

    The same thing was also with the January 400 000 demonstration. And they wrote lies that in fact those who demonstrated were anti-Orban and were a few thousands. This is why they did not show any picture from the demonstration. They want to hide the truth and say that only a few people support the government. And you talk about freedom? How about the freedom of the true knowledge? Hah!

    Look at these pictures that are also censored from biased media:

    Why is western media and politicians quiet about Slovakia, that makes 2. class citizens from Hungarian minority or hen it deposes them of Slovakian citizenship because they chose to be Hungarian citizens also? Why your media do not say anything about those people of Hungarian minority from Romania and Serbia, who are beaten on daily basis just because of being Hungarians? Why this obvious double standard? Try to answer these questions…

    • Actually I’m planning to write a few words about the Slovak elections too, but now I’m waiting for the new government to form. So hopefully the next week we’ll see some update on it.

  3. benny the rat says:

    On the Hungarian websites I looked at on the evening of the 15th, the picture of Orban with the kids behind him was also leading picture. It happens to be a visually impressive picture. Why is it that Hungarians suspect a conspiracy everywhere they look? Inferiority complex, anyone?

  4. guest says:

    A commenter named Seal Driver, mentioned Tel-Aviv, in connection with ALB

    “the first thing that The Economist’s editor thinks when he wakes up in the morning is, “Hmmm… how can I screw the Hungarians today? I need to come up with something, or my bosses at the Bank of Tel Aviv won’t like me anymore.”

    I can’t decide if he was just ignorant, or anti-semitic, considering that Adam LeBor has a strong connection to Tel-Aviv,.and he even wrote a book on the subject.

    “I have been visiting Tel Aviv for thirty years, since I was a teenager, and something always draws me back.” – Adam LeBor on Tel-Aviv

    more detail about Adam LeBor:

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