German Minister of State: Press distortions are deliberate, to undermine the government of Hungary

MTI reports that the Minister of State at the German Chancellery Eckart von Klaeden had an interesting comment a few days ago. The German official claimed that some in the press were undermining the Hungarian government by spreading deliberate misunderstandings about its policy-making.

At an event held in the Hungarian embassy in Berlin, Angela Merkel’s chief official said, “I am convinced that the press wants to stir up bad news about the [Hungarian] government [by spreading] exaggerations and deliberate misunderstandings.”

He noted that the conservative Fidesz party had “a clear mandate” by having secured a two-thirds majority. Von Klaeden, a member of the CDU party, said reforms in Hungary should be implemented “patiently and comprehensively”. He added that based on his talks with Hungarian partners, the government is intent on advancing on the European path.

The German minister is not the first to notice that something fishy is going on with some of the press reports. The reaction in the Hungarian press is telling as well. While most foreign reaction is front page news in most of the Hungarian media, this comment received minimal coverage, it was even missing completely from, the second largest news portal of Hungary. The guys at Index are very thorough so it’s quite unlikely that they just missed this. They do have quality news, though, one of their headlines on the front page right now is about increased diaper sales (yes, really, in Hungarian it reads: “Vittük a pelenkát, mint a cukrot”).

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