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Péter Róna: Peace Walk saved Hungarian government from being toppled

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and “Western politicians supporting her” have considered the option of toppling the government of Hungary. This claim was made by self-described leftist economist Péter Róna in an interview for the radical leftist publication “168 Óra”. Róna … Continue reading

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Hungarian Socialist Party shoots itself in the foot on the issue of EP resolution

On the 14th of February, Népszabadság published an article titled EP Resolution: The condemnation of Hungary depends on the divided Left (EP-határozat: a megosztott baloldalon múlhat Magyarország elítélése), referring to the proposed resolutions in the European Parliament. Népszabadság is the paper … Continue reading

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Curse of the undead: Malév

We’ve already talked about the fact that Hungary’s pride, namely Malév, went bankrupt about a week ago and that all of Hungary’s governments since 1989 contributed to this. Personally though I hoped that within a week or two the Orbán … Continue reading

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Hungary vs. IMF: definitely not a David and Goliath fight

There’s something inexplicable to the West about Hungarian right-wing politicians’ attitude towards them: they always seem to be wary of the West, especially the US (which has predominantly right-wing governments, policies and general attitude). Extremist parties tend to take this … Continue reading

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