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Even the socialist MEP objects against the EU sanctions (Mandiner)

According to Csaba Tabajdi the measures aimed at punishing the Hungarian people would be unfair. The leader of MSZP’s EP delegation has called attention in a statement to the fact that the suspension of subsidies from the EU cohesion fund could … Continue reading

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Colonial status for Greece openly proposed

“We will not be a colony” –  “Nem leszünk gyarmat” – read the main banner of the January 21 Budapest rally. Many commentators and journalists started scratching their heads, wondering what was that message really all about. We have also … Continue reading

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Hungary vs. IMF: definitely not a David and Goliath fight

There’s something inexplicable to the West about Hungarian right-wing politicians’ attitude towards them: they always seem to be wary of the West, especially the US (which has predominantly right-wing governments, policies and general attitude). Extremist parties tend to take this … Continue reading

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