Jávor Benedek, LMP leader replies to Gyurcsány

Benedek Jávor of LMP replied to an open letter by Ferenc Gyurcsány, in which the former PM suggested a closed session of talks between their two parties. According to the new leader of LMP, his party is not considering cooperation with Gyurcsany its goal, because Gyurcsány is in part responsible for “destroying the moral foundation of Hungarian Democracy. Previously LMP also distanced themselves from MSZP and a proposed “opposition roundtable”, following an intense intra-party debate about LMP-s future.  It seems, that Benedek Jávor will follow the previous LMP party-line, with several of his comments now establishing a pattern. Jávor, in his reply to Gyurcsany states that there is no point to the “expert talks” behind closed doors. Instead, all talks should take place in the public and with the involvement of civic groups while facing up to the last two decades of Hungary is unavoidable. According to him, cooperation with Gyurcsany, the leader of DK would only hinder those who wish to rebuild the moral foundations of Hungarian democracy. Gyurcsany took the wrong choice several times in major moral dilemmas – the LMP leader writes, which lead to the destruction of the moral foundation of Hungarian democracy and through that, the fall of the Third Republic.

“This means that if Gyurcsany personally wants to contribute to restoring Democracy, he must face his responsibility” Jávor adds.

LMP’s identity hasn’t been all that clear for a while now as well as its relationship to other parties. The recent soul searching of LMP started after previous leader András Schiffer had to resign amid increasing press attacks, which included a broadside from left-radical website, Galamus. The portal used a relative of Schiffer to attack him while reminding him of the left wing commitments of his grandfather (He was Árpád Szakasits, the Chairman of the ruling Communist party between 1948-1950).

Schiffer, who is known for reporting Gyurcsany to the police in the Sukoro case, also took a pretty anti-MSZP, anti-Gyurcsány line while LMP’s de-facto leader. This is probably why many on the left wanted to take him out, hoping his demise would lead to closer cooperation with MSZP. Népszabadság 168 Óra and HVG all took their part in the attacks. However Galamus’ approach was so radical and extreme that it stood in its own category. Several commentators noted that these type of attacks are reminescent of Szabad Nép, from the 1950s. A newspaper article included Galamus in its search for the “largest spineless” creature because the “galamummies used the hysterical letter of his aunt in their attempt of trying to get rid of Schiffer”.  Galamúmiák (galamummies) refers to the extremely advanced, close to ancient age of the contributors there. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. As a recent study found MSZP has almost no support with voters aged 18-37:

Tarki poll published February 7.

Pollster Tarki found that while Fidesz can count on 43% of this voter group (about the same as in the total population) and Jobbik 30%, the MSZP party has only 14% of support, in the 18-37 age bracket. MSZP’s low numbers here but higher totals overall mean that most of his supporters are old, while Jobbik has mostly young voters, while Fidesz’s support is equally distributed between the age groups. Gyurcsany’s new party, has insignificant support among young voters and did not make the poll. (many of the galamummies support DK as well).

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