We need an anti-Jewish party! (Heti Válasz)

(The following was originally published in Heti Válasz, by András Stumpf)

There will be no peace, no freedom and no order until the Jews are excluded from all positions of power in Hungary.

The future of Hungary depends on whether the country is able to get rid of the Jewish influence in public life or not. The Jews with the help of left wing parties are laying siege to the Hungarian democracy, parliamentarism and civic freedom.

We cannot be free in any other way, there will never be peace, order and freedom until the Jews aren’t exterminated from all positions of public power. The hatchet needs to be applied to the root of the problem, the future of the Hungarian nation depends upon the ability to exterminate the Jews from political life and public office.

A radical anti-Jewish party should be founded against Gyurcsány and Bajnai, which with all its might would aim to remove the Jews from public life, and call attention to the fact that once again the rabbis are behind the decline of the country. This party should aim to uncover the ploy of the Jews and the rule of the rabbis. We need a kamikaze party which won’t instill some other ideology to replace the Jewish with, but one that wants a Jewish-free state without any ideology. The Jews must be forced back into the civil sector. We cannot fall for such lies like assertions that these people are covering the responsibilities of the state and therefore are entitled to full government support and reimbursement of their costs. They must be fired from education and from the healthcare facilities. If they have money they should pay for the schools and the hospitals, if they don’t, then they shouldn’t. If someone desires education according to the Jewish world view, they should pay for the rabbi who provides it. The state should thank them for the help  that they offer at the expense of the taxpayer, but should reject it altogether. Education is the Trojan horse of the Jews, make no mistake about this.

It must be recognized that Hungary has the Jews to thank for Trianon, the Don disaster, the red terror, the forty years of communist oppression, the loss of its young and promising democracy and the third republic. If the Jews do not disappear from public life, if the leftist ideology can continue to assault the democracy using these parties, then we gain nothing by the disappearance of Gyurcsany or Bajnai, the suffering will never end because someone else will just take their place. Then the continued hatred and Hungarophobia will never leave this country. The Jewish parties must be banned based on the Hungarian historical experience, just like the Communist party of the Soviet Union was banned after the the downfall of the USSR. Their remaining ruins must be salted.

Once the awareness of the Hungarians will be raised about the Jewish threat, when they will realize that they are behind the hatred, they are ruining the country, there will be a need for the kind of prime minister who can keep the ideological debates and the freedom of thought grounded in the civic sector.

(If the dear reader believes that I went nuts and the above text is the proof of it, I would like to note that this is not the case. Rather, it isn’t me who’s nuts. The article above is the shortened but word for word transcription of László Bartus’s article from Amerikai Népszava, published yesterday. I only replaced „Catholic” or „Catholic church” with the words „Jew” or „Jewish” and when the context demanded it, I replaced “right-wing” with “left-wing”, and Viktor Orbán with Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai. My goal was simply to point out to everyone that we are dealing with a genuine Nazi text. Obviously the country needs neither an anti-Catholic nor an anti-Jewish party. We also don’t need Bartus, the publisher of last year’s anti-Hungarian racist article by Ákos Kertész, and the Nazi hatred emanating from this current intellectual masterpiece of his. I hope that the self-portrayed flag-bearer of the emigré Hungarian left, Bartus will not be included in any form of intellectual connection or approval from the ones he is so fond of, now or in the future.)

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3 Responses to We need an anti-Jewish party! (Heti Válasz)

  1. Bilboko says:

    Wow, Laszlo Bartus of Amerikai Nepszava, is simply a Nazi. There is no other way to describe Bartus other than a crazed neo-nazi.

  2. Bilboko says:

    Shame on everyone who ever had to do anything with Bartus or Amerikai Nepszava.

    Hope the rest of Hungarian leftist are not Nazis like Bartus. He is really symptomatic of the left as a whole.

  3. Jerry says:

    Good article. You make a very interesting observation on the, too often overseen, or downplayed, vicious and downright militant nature of so called “liberals” around the world.

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