KDNP: Kinga Göncz must be recalled from the European Parliament

According to KDNP, the Hungarian Socialist Party should recall Kinga Göncz from the European Parliament, because she became unworthy to represent Hungary after her recent comments amounting to treason.

Kinga Göncz says she feels "terribly bad" to be in Brussels

In their statement, KDNP quotes one particular statement of Kinga Göncz given in an interview to a Hungarian news portal. Göncz said that she feels “terribly bad” to be present in Brussels as a citizen of Hungary. Göncz said she would “love to finally represent an incredibly boring country, such as Luxembourg“.

KDNP’s statement expressed outrage that a Hungarian member of the European Parliament would be willing to make such shameful remarks in connection with their own country. The statement also doubts that Luxemburg would need a politician with such inappropriate behavior, who is known for defaming her own country. They also called upon MSZP to “recall Kinga Göncz immediately, since – as she said herself – she feels terribly bad in Brussels anyway.” They also added that “no citizen of Hungary, Luxembourg or any other country should offend Göncz Kinga with her sickness and we also suggest that she shouldn’t destroy her own health from funds provided by the Hungarian taxpayers.”

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