The debate about Bokros continues

Some Hungarian conservatives sent the following letter to the leader of the “European Conservatives and Reformists Group” about Lajos Bokros.

Dear Mr Callanan,

We are writing to you on behalf of Jobbklikk. We are a community of young bloggers, writers and professionals who seek to promote conservative ideas in the Hungarian public discourse. Let us express our astonishment concerning the words of Lajos Bokros during the last plenary session in Strasbourg. In his speech on the Hungarian situation, he characterised himself as a true conservative.

Let us kindly remind you that Mr Bokros was a member of the Communist Party before the democratic transition. In 1990, he was elected an MP on the list of MSZP, which was the legal successor of the Communist Party. He also served as a Minister for Finance in the Government of Gyula Horn, who was on the side of the Communist oppressors during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Then, in 2009, with a swift U-turn, he was elected an MEP on the list of MDF – a centre-right party that withdrew its support and, called Mr Bokros to resign many times since then.

To make the political roundtrip complete, nowadays, Mr. Bokros seems to be quite active in assisting the failed Socialist Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány with the establishment of a new left wing party. Let us remind you, that PM Gyurcsány is largely to blame for the tragic economic situation that Hungary is in now.

We find it particularly strange that an incoherent character like Lajos Bokros can be a representative of the Conservative Group in the European Parliament, especially when it comes to debates on Hungary. We would like to see British-style Conservatism having a greater influence on European and Hungarian politics. That is why we find your cooperation with Mr Bokros quite unsettling. We would be grateful if we could get to know your views on this matter.

Best regards,

Jobbklikk Association

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One Response to The debate about Bokros continues

  1. Smithborough says:

    I think that if this organisation wants to influence people abroad it needs to change its name. To a non-Hungarian speaker, “Jobbklikk” sounds like a variation of Jobbik. The word “jobbik” is only known in most of the non-Hungarian speaking world as the name of an extremist political party, they don’t know that it means “better” or “more right” nor would they recognise Jobbklikk as “right click”.

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