Benedek Jávor becomes LMP’s new leader

After András Schiffer resigned from all his positions within the party, intense speculation began about LMP’s future. On the left, many have hoped that the departure of anti-Gyurcsany Schiffer would lead to closer cooperation with MSZP and DK, two parties Schiffer always aimed to keep his distance from. (The fact that Schiffer reported Gyurcsány to the police in the Sukoró case, alleging various misconduct, did not increase the number of his left-wing fans either). But the rapid turn of LMP to the left was not realized, at least for the moment. The LMP congress has decided to refrain from entering a so-called “opposition roundtable” because the party says “they see no suitable partners for cooperation” among other parliamentary parties. Instead they plan to seek closer cooperation with non-party elements, probably the Facebook groups and similar.

Today LMP has announced that they elected Benedek Jávor as the de facto leader of the party.  Without a clear structure LMP does not even have a chairman insted the leader of the parliamentary group functions as the de facto leader within the party. Jávor is the chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Sustainable Development and he was the mayoral candidate of LMP for Budapest.

Jávor, at least for now will follow the Schiffer strategy of distancing LMP from the other left-wing parties. Zsolt Gréczy, the advisor of Ferenc Gyurcsány (former MSZP PM) dubbed the decision of LMP a “Schifferism without Schiffer”.  It’s easy to see that in a real election situation this could change real fast as the pressure on LMP increases but the next scheduled election is not terribly soon, in 2014.

MSZP: Opposition could gain two-thirds majority in next election 

MSZP also held meetings about the future of the party, they see themselves as the main force capable of ousting the Fidesz government. The party thinks that with cleverly planned moves and a collection of just the right allies the two-thirds majority is attainable. This would enable a future MSZP-led coalition to rewrite cardinal laws and the constitution.

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