LewRockwell.com on Hungary

Lew Rockwell, is an American political commentator, his website, lewrockwell.com published a quite detailed analyis on Hungary. The following are excerpts from the whole article, which can be found here.

As if to underscore the warning that Fidesz had better not wander too far off the reservation, an attack on the currency, the forint, recently shot up bond yields and threatened to bring the country to its knees.  It is a risky game for a Eurozone seeing its pillar countries’ credit ratings downgraded, as much of the debt amassed by Hungarians — under the reckless policies of the then-ruling ex-communists (2002–2010) — was foreign currency debt. However, the shot across the bow had the desired effect, leading Orban to send a negotiator directly to the IMF and EU to smooth things over.

The Commission itself is appointed rather than elected and conducts its business in secret. Current head of the Commission is José Manuel Barroso, a Portuguese politician who spent his youth leading the Maoist Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers. After Barroso’s “youthful indiscretion” — fighting for a philosophy responsible for a hundred million deaths in the 20th century — he did not don a hairshirt or other signs of penance but rather continued his struggle for power over the lives of others.

In that, he was not alone among Orban’s critics in the European Union. Whereas Orban was being arrested by the Hungarian communist police for resisting Soviet occupation, many of his critics now lavishly appointed in Brussels were singing the praises of their comrades to the East. Take Daniel “Dany the Red” Cohn-Bendit, whose own background was in the Marxist “22 March Movement” and later the extreme left “Revolutionärer Kampf (Revolutionary Struggle)” movement in Germany. He had the gall to lecture Orban on democracy on the floor of the European Parliament last year, screeching that Orban engages in “national populism” which has “ruined his appetite.” How little “Dany the Red” (now a Green — does that make him “Brown”?) has changed…

Orban’s Hungarian critics are not much more savory. Much-vaunted “dissidents” like Miklos Haraszti are quick to activate their hyperbolic criticism of the current government, their amplifiers always set to “11” screeching that Hungary is lurching toward dictatorship, always lurching toward dictatorship. Of course Haraszti was a persecuted dissident under the Hungarian communists and was kicked out of the university — because while the party was moving toward reform, he was, like his comrade Barroso, embracing the warm tender mercies of Chairman Mao.

Haraszti and his other colleagues among the left-wing dissidentia issued a statement as the new Hungarian constitution took effect at the first of this year: “Never since the regime change of 1989, when the communist dictatorship was crushed, has there been such an intense concentration of power in the region as in present-day Hungary.” Yes, well of course the difference between the communist rulers and the current government that Haraszti fails to mention is rather significant. (Miklos: it has to do with a little thing called a free and fair election where most of the people voted against your favorite parties. These things tend to happen when you have the kind of economic failures as did the previous government.)

Orban may believe he is dodging a bullet by agreeing to change whatever law the European Commission demands, but the bullet he dodges in Brussels or Strasbourg may turn into rather more serious ordnance when he returns to Budapest. Hungarians are not stupid: they look to Greece and elsewhere and realize very well that the only “bailout” plan offered by the EU (with generous and covert US Federal Reserve participation) is a plan that bails out the foreign speculators at the expense of the increasingly impoverished population. It really is the equivalent of blood-letting, the medieval practice where the patient is expected to recover strength all the while he is being drained of that which makes recovery possible.

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