Press goes with minimum estimate on rally, slow to report on event

The New York Times published two separate articles on it’s site the day of the peace walk, neither of them make a word of mention about the event. Earlier they reported at length about a much smaller opposition protest.

The Washington post connects the mass demonstration with an anti-Schmitt protest on the same day, making the bold claim that the opposition’s demo had “several thousand” participants. a left-leaning portal was only aware of several hundred people at the same event.

Most English language publications, who did report on the event, did their best to severely underestimate the number of participants. In Hungarian language media nobody,  no matter how left wing said less than  a 100,000 participants, while adding that it could be a lot more. So 100,000 being the minimum number, it seems that most international media sources went with that number, without any mention that it could be significantly more. One exception is which now talks about “Hundreds of Thousands“. Coverage though is still very weak compared to the Opera protest.

The Economist have so far not reported the event anywhere on it’s site. Earlier they reported on a much smaller opposition protest at length. (True at original date of post, See update)


After six days, on January 27, the Economist has finally covered the rally.

Mr Orbán was doubtless feeling bolstered by a massive demonstration in Budapest last Saturday, when at least 100,000 protestors (400,000, according to the interior ministry) took to the streets to show their support for the government. The protest, organised in part by right-wing journalists, was one of the largest since the change of system in 1989 and showed that the ruling party can still bring out far greater numbers than the opposition.

Many of the protestors carried placards attacking the EU and the IMF, doubtless unaware that even as they marched for sovereignty, Mr Orbán was preparing to surrender it in Brussels.

The Economists’ coverage of the Opera protests can be found here (for comparison purposes).

The New York Times is still yet to produce a single word about the demonstrations.

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