Peace walk for Hungary, January 21

An event dubbed “Peace Walk for Hungary” (Békemenet Magyarországért) was organized in Budapest for January 21 by some members of Hungarian civil society.  This event type is pretty much unknown in Hungary, according to a definition peace walks or peace marches are actions “where a person or groups of people march a set distance to raise awareness of particular issues important to the walkers.”

According to HVG the organizers said they are “saying yes to Europe, but saying no to what certain European political and press groups are doing to Hungary”. Adding that “after the soul crushing decades of communism and post communism, we watch with growing concern the biased and misleading reports and opinions appearing in the international press, which portray our country in a derogatory and unjust manner. This causes more and more damage to our economy and to the Hungarian people. ”

Several civil groups have indicated their participation. Lungo Drom, the largest Roma organization in Hungary has also said that they will take part. The walk expects over a hundred thousand people but that seems to be a little too ambitious considering that they lack any political support. Fidesz, the governing party which many of the organizers sympathize with, has distanced itself from the event, saying their members may participate only as individuals. Viktor Orban the Prime Minister have also said that he won’t attend or speak to the crowd. Instead of involving itself with the peace walk, Fidesz plans to hold a large rally on March 15th, leaving this event entirely to civilians.

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