Troubling (Mandiner)

The original of the following appeared on Mandiner in Hungarian.

I may not know any of the details, but Hungary is a dictatorship for sure. Just about this feeling spread trough the communes of Brussels. The beliefs about the country became a matter of faith, where facts no longer matter and are overruled by personal impressions. Mandiner wrote several times about the international factors limiting the success of this kuruc-style freedom fight: the staggering lack of major allies, the unusual style, the humbleness being pushed aside. So we shall not repeat that now.  In a sudden outburst, we have collected a few idiotic or problematic foreign phenomena. Not because there is a galaxy-wide conspiracy against us, but because all this nonsense is annoying and troubling.

It’s troubling when some countries cry wolf because the position of green ombudsman is abolished. Especially if it’s done by countries where such a position never existed.

It is troubling when the constitutional definition of marriage (between a man and a woman) can serve as a proof of dictatorship while many other member states hold the same.

It is troubling when the official recognition of fourteen churches is assumed to be the proof of ongoing fascistification, when several other states have an official state religion and e.g. Belgium has six and Italy eight officially recognized churches.

We were never fond of messing with the competencies of the  Constitutional Court. Still it is troubling to see a torrent of hate towards Hungary when Denmark, Sweden and Holland does not even have a Constitutional Court.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is troubling too, although he has little (if any) relevance left. It is also troubling if György Konrád is the one and only constituent of all civil society in Hungary.

It is troubling if the complete lack factual knowledge is excused by saying “the details are irrelevant, just look at the big picture”. And yes, every foreigner should read up on this stuff before they start screaming at the top of their lungs.

It is troubling if the three infringement proceedings initiated against Hungary by themselves, are proof positive that authoritarian rule is afoot. Especially since there is a total of 739 such proceedings in progress currently, initiated by the European Commission. Hungarian democracy may not really hinge on the data ombudsman nor the retirement age of judges.

Humility was surely missing quite a few times from the last 1.5 year’s government actions. However we ask the same humility from all the foreign participants too. Especially if its about adjectives thrown around about us. If we do not get that, we will dump 4 pounds of checks and 6 tonnes of balances to their front yard.

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