Poland supports Hungary

After some Members of Parliament participated in a recent Polish rally in support of Hungary, Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister also expressed his support. “We have decided that Poland will offer — if PM Orban and Hungarians are interested — some form of political support so that reactions towards the situation in Hungary are not blown out of proportion,” Tusk told a press conference.

Tusk also said the political reactions to recent events in Hungary were “exaggerated” and that he would seek to help his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban at the European summit. Orban is at the European Parliament today and his recent change in constitution is likely to be fiercely attacked by many of the MEPs mainly from the left of the chamber. Tusk said that Hungary had “a European level standard of democracy.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the largest opposition party in Poland also released a statement regarding Hungary. He stressed that Hungary restores democracy and order, while the European Union turned a blind eye to previous governments as they ran up the deficit. (The previous MSZP-SZDSZ government violated the 3% deficit ceiling in every single year it was in power, yet the EU applied no sanctions) Kaczynski added that he asked the parliamentarians of his party to “defend the sovereignty of Hungary, and act against the efforts to support a criminal post-communist system”. This last part seems to be a clear reference to pressure efforts of trying to keep communist judges on the bench.

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