Polish rally in support of Hungary

There was a rally today before the European Commission building in Warsaw in support of Hungary. The protesters also sent a letter protesting the recent actions of the commission to its former maoist-communist leader José Manuel Barroso . The participants shouted slogans like “Hands off Hungary!” “God bless the Hungarians” and “God bless Poland”.

Photo by Pawel Supernak

Members of the Polish Parliament have also participated. As seen on the picture above, they even got some Hungarian-Polish banners and Hungarian flags to demonstrate with.

But what could be the main angle behind the rally?

Photo by Pawel Supernak

The message of the above picture with a person holding a Polish and Hungarian flag throwing out communist symbols to the dustbin is pretty clear. It’s time to get rid of Communism for good. But from Gdansk, a commenter on the Economist website has also provided a possible interpretation by posting some sort of Polish letter on the subject.

When the Hungarians decided to save their country, there was a propaganda attack from the European Union, World Bank and IMF. “The Economist”, “Financial Times” and “Wall Street Journal” are full of articles with threats of a financial attack and ultimatums disguised as requests. Financial institutions demand the resignation of the democratically elected government and changes to the already adopted constitution.

It isn’t our intention to opine on the specific decisions by the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In these opinions we would probably differ considerably. However, we agree that the free citizens of independent Hungary have the right to:

• adopt a constitution of their choosing.
• Select a government they deem necessary.

For centuries, they tried to deprive us of liberty and property by using maces, swords, tanks and bombs. Today, instead of the primitive tools they use the banks.

Admittedly it was translated by “google translate”, so I tried to clean it up where it was possible. If someone can provide a decent translation it would be appreciated. Still most of the message came across: Hungary has the right to adopt the constitution of its choosing (as the last to do so in the region), and its citizens have the right to vote in free and democratic elections, the result of which should be respected and not undermined. Pretty basic stuff.

UPDATE: I’ve done some research and managed to find the original message in Polish, so I’ve fixed the translation up the best I could with the help of the original text (and Google Translator of course).

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